How to Reduce your Windows 10 PC’s Boot Time

Windows 10 is an Operating System that has been developed by the Microsoft. Microsoft had introduced Windows OS in mid-80s and since then it has come up in many versions and the lastest of them all is Windows 10. The developers have put much effort in developing this operating system. Windows 10 has enhanced the productivity and stability of the Windows to a great extent. Though Windows 10 has got many irresistible features but one of the problems that many people have faced is that Windows 10’s booting is a bit slow compared to the previous versions. If you are annoyed of slow booting of Windows 10 you need to make sure that Fast Startup setting is enabled. Fast Startup was known as Fast Boot in Windows 8. This feature will shut your PC down which is similar to how it sets the machine to sleep and write the state of your OS to hibernation file.

Cutting your Windows 10’s Boot Time by 66%

In order to cut off your Windows 10’s boot time by 66% you need to follow these simple steps.

  • 1st of all you need to click on Start button.
  • Now type in the Power Options.
  • Then select the Power Options.
  • Now click “Choose what the power button does.
  • Then select “Change settings that are currently unavailable” if the Shutdown settings are greyed out.
  • Now you are required to check the box located next to “Turn on fast startup.
  • Now click on Save Changes.
  • With these steps your PC will boot faster by taking the advantage of Fast Startup mode.