Seamless Design: A Comprehensive Guide to Hiding the Bounding Box When Using Curve Tools in CorelDRAW


CorelDRAW, a prominent vector graphics editor, provides a rich set of tools for artists, designers, and illustrators to bring their creative visions to life. While working with curve tools in CorelDRAW, you might find the bounding box essential for manipulating shapes and lines. However, there are situations where hiding the bounding box becomes crucial for a distraction-free and seamless design process. In this extensive guide, we will explore the techniques, customization options, and advanced tips to hide the bounding box when using curve tools in CorelDRAW, ensuring a focused and immersive design experience.

Understanding the Bounding Box:

The bounding box is a visual aid in CorelDRAW that appears around selected objects, providing handles for resizing, rotating, and transforming the selected elements. While it’s a valuable tool for precise adjustments, there are instances where hiding it enhances the clarity of the design workspace, especially when working with curve tools.

Techniques to Hide the Bounding Box:

  1. Selecting Object Only Mode: CorelDRAW allows users to switch to “Object Only” mode, where the bounding box is hidden, leaving only the selected object visible. To activate this mode, go to the ‘View’ menu, select ‘Object Only,’ and the bounding box will disappear while maintaining the object selection.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + Q Shortcut: An efficient way to toggle the visibility of the bounding box is by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Q. This quick command allows you to switch between having the bounding box visible and hidden, providing flexibility in your design workflow.

Customization Options for Bounding Box Visibility:

  1. Tool Options or Property Bar: Explore the ‘Tool Options’ or ‘Property Bar’ (depending on your CorelDRAW version) to access additional customization options related to the bounding box. Adjust settings such as transparency or toggle specific elements of the bounding box to tailor its appearance to your preferences.
  2. Adjusting Display Options: In the ‘View’ menu, navigate to ‘Display’ and explore options such as ‘Show/Hide’ to toggle the visibility of various elements, including the bounding box. Experiment with these settings to find the configuration that enhances your design workflow.

Advanced Tips for Seamless Design:

  1. Utilizing Full-Screen Mode: For a distraction-free design experience, consider utilizing CorelDRAW’s full-screen mode. Access this feature by pressing F12 or navigating to ‘View’ and selecting ‘Full Screen.’ This immersive mode maximizes your design workspace, allowing you to focus solely on your creative process.
  2. Customizing Workspace Layout: Tailor your workspace layout by arranging toolbars and panels to minimize distractions. Save custom workspace configurations to switch seamlessly between different design scenarios, optimizing your workflow based on specific project requirements.

Troubleshooting and Optimization Strategies:

  1. Ensuring Object Selection: When hiding the bounding box, ensure that the object you want to manipulate is selected. Without the bounding box, it’s crucial to be attentive to the selected elements to avoid unintentional adjustments.
  2. Using the Outline View: Another approach to simplify the design environment is to switch to the ‘Outline’ view. This mode displays only the outlines of objects, eliminating other visual elements such as fills and effects, providing a clean and straightforward perspective on your design.


Hiding the bounding box when using curve tools in CorelDRAW is a valuable skill for designers seeking a streamlined and focused design experience. By mastering the techniques, customization options, and advanced tips outlined in this comprehensive guide, you’ll gain control over the visibility of the bounding box, enhancing your ability to work seamlessly with curve tools. Whether you’re sketching freehand designs, crafting precise curves with Bézier tools, or engaging in intricate illustrations, CorelDRAW empowers you to design with precision and efficiency. Embrace the flexibility of hiding the bounding box, and let your creativity flourish in a distraction-free design environment within the digital realm of CorelDRAW.