How to Add a Chamfer in AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a must have tool for the engineers as well as architect for creating engineering drawings and architectural designs. The productivuity of industries have enhanced greatly after the advent of AutoCAD as it has simplified the process of creating engineering drawings. IN this lecture you will learn how to add chamfer in your drawing. You can also learn How to Create a Slot in AutoCAD.

For adding a chamfer into your drawing you ned to follow these simple steps.

  • 1st of all you need to open a new drawing and for that you need to click New.
  • You need to make sure that ORTHO mode is ON. It will be ON when it glow in blue.
  • Now type z [spacebar], e [spacebar]. This will zoom extend your drawing area.
  • Now is the time to click on RECTANGLE tool for activating the Rectangle command.
  • Now specify the 1st corner of the rectangle at 0,0 and for that you need to type 0,0 and press Enter.
  • Move the cursor to the right side and specify the other corner point at 10,6 and for that you need type 10,6 and then press Enter.
  • Now you need to click on CHAMFER from the ribbon tools.
  • Once the CHAMFER command is executed you need to specify the distance 1 as well as distance 2 of the chamfer.
  • For this tutorials lets have a chamfer distance of 2 so you need to specify chanfer distance to 2 or 2@45deg chamfer. Type D and the enter dist1=2 and dist2=2.
  • Now click on the 1st edge of the chamfer.
  • Click on 2nd edge of the chamfer.
  • Press Enter for confirming the chamfer.