How to Draw a Tap Symbol in AutoCAD

AutoCAD is undoubtedly the most widely used CAD tool in the engineering and architectural circles. AutoCAD has simplified the process of creating engineering drawings and it lets you save your precious time hence enhancing the productivity to a great degree. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a tap symbol in AutoCAD. You can also learn about How to Add Chamfer in AutoCAD.

For drawin a tap symbol in AutoCAD you need to follow these simple steps

  • 1st of all you need to open a new drawing and for that you need to click on New.
  • You need to make sure that ORTHO mode is ON. (It will be ON when it glow in blue, OFF in grey.)
  • Type z[spacebar], type e [spacebar] and it will zoom extents you drawing area.
  • Now you need to make sure that Layer 0 has been selected as current layer.
  • Now click on CIRCLE and type 0,0 and press Enter in order to set the center of the circle.
  • Now set the radius of the circle to 0.125 and type 0.125 and press Enter.
  • Now click on OFFSET and set the offset distance to 0.025 and click at the circle as offset object.
  • Now click on the insode of the circle in order to define the offset side.
  • Press Esc few times in order to end OFFSET command.
  • Now click on the outer circle edge and then change the layer to HIDDEN layer and press Esc few times.
  • Now change the current layer to CENTER LINE layer.
  • From the ribbon tool click Annotate>DImensions>Center mark.
  • Now click on outer edge of any circle for marking its center.
  • Now click Home>Scale.
  • Select the center mark cross.
  • Now press Enter in order to confirm selection.
  • Click on midpoint of the cross as scale base point.
  • Now you need to set scale factor to 4 and for that you need to type 4 and press Enter.
  • With this you will finish creating a tap.